Abuse Report Form

Please read these guidelines before submitting your report.

  1. Use this form to report abuse of the service by another user, room, profile, or anything else you think we should be aware of.
  2. If you wish to contact the site for support or anything else not related to abuse, please use our contact form instead.
  3. Keep in mind when making your report, the chat rooms here are created and privately run by the users. If you have been banned or kicked from a room, that is the decision of the mod (and the room ownership by proxy). The site admins will not get involed in this unless there is some proof that this is the result of hateful discrimination. Your options are to wait out your ban, try visiting another room, or even create your own room.
  4. You can find a list of our general rules on our Terms and Conditions page, the section that you should read is titled "General Rules of Conduct and Prohibitions".
  5. After you submit your report, we may contact you by e-mail for more information. We will use the address on your account unless requested otherwise.
  6. Screenshots will greatly increases the chances of action being taken. Use an app like Lightshot or Gyazo, or upload directly to imgur.

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