End of Days: The Last Chat on Earth

It's over. Chatting is fucking done. All that's left is embarrassing topchat losers and mentally ill Lurkchat babbling with a side of right wing lunacy. It's over for the rest of us. This is the last chat left on the planet. Chatting is fucking done for.

A man named DrDoom (Canadian, not Australian) sits alone in an empty chat, looking at the waste before him. A tear drops down his face, in complete disarray as the chat universe is broken, disgusting and in complete chaos. Nothing is safe and everything is broken. There's nothing he can do but sit alone, laugh and watch as the chat is overrun with rats, abominable filth and the engulfing cloud of melancholy.

This is the last refuge of chatting. No one -- and nothing -- can save us now. These are the end of chat times.

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